The personal computer continues to be the electronic hub of a typical home. This role that the computer plays is seen as business and educational matters are conducted utilizing the personal computer. Examples of these types of actions include the use of the computer for keeping track of personal finances as well as the children in the home conducting research online for various school projects.

Also, the reality of the personal computer becoming the centerpiece of a home is the role that it plays as the major entertainment focus within the residence. This is witnessed as family members can legally download music, play videogames and watch high-definition television.

In addition, one of the more recent technological advances is the blending of phone service with the Internet capabilities of the personal computer. This phone service is accomplished by taking advantage of a broadband phone company's service. Before delving into a broadband phone system it is important to know what requirements are needed for the broadband phone to operate and to ask a few important questions of the broadband phone company.

Requirements Needed

In order to fully utilize a broadband phone system, the potential customer will need to be connected to the Internet with broadband Internet service. By utilizing a broadband Internet connection, the transference of data will be accelerated. This acceleration or speed of the connection will facilitate a better Internet phone experience.

In addition, if you use a formal broadband phone system you may be required to obtain certain pieces of equipment. For example, there may be companies that require the use of an adapter connected to the Internet modem. This adapter will allow for the connection of the current phone to be matched with a traditional pushbutton phone. Also, there may be software that is required to allow the VoIP, voice over Internet protocol, to be facilitated.

Critical Questions To Ask Of The Broadband Phone Company

It is important to remember that not all broadband phone companies are the same. Therefore, there are certain basic questions that should be asked of the company that is being researched.

One of the most basic questions to ask of the broadband phone is the compatibility of the household phone with the Internet phone service. In most cases the broadband phone service will allow for the current phone to be utilized. However, there are services that require a specific broadband phone.

Another important question to ask is in regards to what phone features are available or are provided. If features like call forwarding, call waiting, three-way calling, caller ID, etc. are wanted, then it is important to ask if these features are available or are included.

In addition, one question of extreme importance is to ask the broadband phone company of the ability to dial 911 in the event of an emergency. Regular landlines were designed to access the 911 system. This may not be true of Internet phone service.

Other questions may include the consumer's ability to maintain their current phone number. In addition, it should be clear as to what the charges will be for utilizing this broadband phone system. Specific charge related questions should be asked regarding long-distance costs, monthly costs, feature costs, actual minutes used, etc.