Home Connectivity in the US

US broadband penetration grew to 86.29% among active Internet users in November 2007. Narrowband users connecting at 56Kbps or less now make up 13.71% of active Internet users, down 0.38 percentage points from 14.09% October 2007 (see Figure 1).

Web Connection Speed Trends November 2007 - U.S. home users

Figure 1: Web Connection Speed Trends - Home Users (US)

Broadband Growth Trends in the US

In November 2007, broadband penetration in US homes grew 0.38 percentage points to 86.29% up from 85.91% in October. This increase of 0.38 points is below the average increase in broadband of 0.69 points per month over the last six months (see Figure 2). At current growth rates, broadband penetration among active Internet users will break 90

percent by May 2008.

Broadband Adoption Growth Trend - November 2007 - U.S. home users

Figure 2. Broadband Adoption Growth Trend - Home Users (US)