Windows 7 gives better accessibility and enhanced performance with improved automation. The efficiency of IT professionals can be increased with this feature. Earlier, the tasks which were solved manually and take hour can be automatically resolved now. The tasks are entirely automated, the problem is being detected and is automatically resolved. And the additional advantage of this feature is that it diminishes the possibility for human error.

The Windows Automation API 3.0 gives you the benefit of existing accessibility implementation in Microsoft Active Accessibility and its elevated framework design allows you easier integration with industry standards. Windows 7 Automation provide better properties and control pattern and faster UI automation implementation.

Scripting is enhanced in Windows 7 that is the most powerful and usable automation tool for IT professionals which includes elevated version of the Windows scripting environment: Windows PowerShell 2.0. Now no more understanding of complex languages such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++ or C# with Windows PowerShell 2.0 as it does not require the understanding of complex language. It is especially designed for system administration.

Any management task can be performed by IT professionals which they want to automate as PowerShell uses Windows Management Interface. You can have full control over any aspect of the system that supports management by calling command-line tool from PowerShell.
You require to install it on the computer in order to run a PowerShell script in case you are using Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista. But in Windows 7 PowerShell 2.0 is in-built into the operating system therefore IT professionals don't require to deploy any additional PC to create, distribute and run PowerShell scripts.

PowerShell is used by administrators for creating system restore before troubleshooting, to edit the registry using transactions which is to make sure that the changes which are made are implemented.
Windows Connect Now is one of the technology designed for simpler wireless device configuration. Now with Windows Connect it is easier to create a wireless network at home or office. When you connect to a compatible router, Windows will walk you through all the necessary setup steps including naming your network and turning on the router's security features. Now you don't need to remember network settings when you connect a new computer. All you have to do is press the Wi-FI Protected Setup button on your router and it will automatically send the network settings to your computer. With Windows connect Now, users running Windows 7 can create network configuration settings and transmit them to the access point. Windows Connect Now (WCN) allows mobile and embedded devices, 802.11 access points (APs), and computers to securely connect, and exchange settings with each other. It allows you to easily set up a secure wireless network by using a USB cable or USB flash drive. Windows Connect Now uses one of the methods for easier configuration.

WCN-NET is Microsoft's standard for easier Wi-Fi configuration. It provides for configuration of devices using Ethernet in Wireless networks. In Windows it can search an unconfigured router, access point, base station or a device such as a Media Center Extender by using Upnp, authenticate with the device by using a personal identification number, provide wireless settings that are based on user selection and configure a wireless network over a wired Ethernet connection.

WCN-UFD writes configuration files to a USB drive for more secure wireless networks. It uses an API and an XML format to write configuration files.
WCN-MTP includes a Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) extension that enables an MTP initiator to provide an MTP responder with configuration parameters for joining a wireless network and supports more secure configuration of MTP-capable devices on wireless networks.


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